HPNJ Ring Renovations

Horse Park of New Jersey Ring Renovations

Check out the video below with arena consultant Brian McNeil

For two years, the Horse Park has been working on researching options for ring refurbishment and development while fundraising for the project. It has been a slow process as the Park receives no funding from the State whatsoever, maintenance of the entire park must continue as well as supporting a capital campaign. Diligent measures in financial planning must be taken to fund a project of this magnitude. This is a project not to be taken lightly and experience in ring development is critical to success. At HPNJ we are extremely excited to have had a recent meeting with an expert who has over 25 years experience building rings, improving existing rings, equipment techniques, and working within the budget restraints of a 501(c)(3). 

Wednesday June 21st, Independent arena consultant Brian McNeil, came to the park to evaluate the current arena conditions, equipment resources , and drainage methods. The evaluation was followed by a meeting that included show managers representing multiple disciplines, riders, trainers, horse park board members, the HP manager, as well as a local arena contractor. The group was responsive and informative to the findings and concerns Mr. McNeil presented. The enthusiastic group had a lengthy discussion working to identify the primary issues to be addressed in Phase 1,  as well as the subset, second-tier issues.

The board is currently awaiting the findings of the report to begin projections for Phase 1. In the meantime we will continue to evaluate and improve the arena maintenance program until redevelopment of the arenas is complete. Upon completion, a relevant material maintenance process will be established. The importance of keeping our horses comfortable and confident in their work is our goal, please send us your feedback as we work together for our equine community.

Let's strive to make this Mid-Atlantic gem the equine destination of our region.

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