Garden State Combined Driving Event 2024

USEF Training Single Horse Championships and USEF Preliminary Level Championships

USEF CDE Event open to ALL Drivers! 

*Featuring a Youth and Standardbred Exhibition Class*

We need Volunteers!  No Experience Neccassary! Interested?   Reach out to LIsa Shiells 

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About Combined Driving

Combined Driving is a sport consisting of three phases of competition that test both the driver’s talent, accuracy, and ability and the horse’s athleticism, obedience, endurance, strength, and agility. Phases are often spread over three days. Penalty points are accumulated for each phase of the competition, and the final result is the sum of the penalties. The goal is to have the fewest overall penalty points at the end of the three phase competition. Each day of competition calls for a different skillset, and therefore a successful Combined Driving horse is an extremely versatile athlete. With the right training, equine breeds of all shapes and sizes can excel in Combined Driving.

Combined Driving can be compared with the ridden version: Three Day Eventing, or the human version: a Triathlon.
While Combined Driving is both challenging and technical, there are a range of levels serving different abilities of horses and athletes.

Combined Driving is one of eight equine sports governed at the international level by the Federation Equestrian International (FEI) and at the national level by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). There are many other organizations that work to promote and govern the sport more locally, including the The American Driving Society (ADS).

The Combined Driving Community is an especially wonderful group of people who are open and welcoming to all types of newcomers who want to learn about the sport. Although competitive, CDE participants are quick to support, encourage, and lend a helping hand to one another. CDEs are a great excuse to get outside, play with our equine partners, and spend quality time with family and friends within a great community that thrives on good times and competitive spirit.

Phase 1 : Dressage 

  N e w
 l a y e r 

Phase 2: Marathon 

Phase 3: Cones 

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