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Awards Presenter

Distributes tests, ribbons and awards to competitors, may also be responsible for assembling award bags, setting up award displays, and tracking points for special awards.

Dressage or Driving Dressage Scribe

The scribe is the person who writes the judge's comments and numerical scores given for each movement onto the test sheet. This is done as the rider is performing their test. This position requires prolonged periods of sitting quietly and writing.  It is very important that the Scribe be able to focus, keep up with the movements of the test, and write legibly and quickly for long periods of time. It is also the responsibility of the Scribe to review the test to make sure all required areas are filled in and any necessary signatures are applied before giving the test sheets to the arena Runner.


The e-scribe is the third person seated in the judge's box. Each e-scribe is responsible for maintaining the electronic record of the numerical aspect of the dressage test by entering the scores as the test is in progress. This position requires sitting quietly and typing for prolonged periods.

Runner/Score Collector

The Runner is responsible for collecting test or score sheets from the judge’s booths at their assigned arena and taking them to the office for scoring. The Runner should never look at test or scores and must not show them to anyone. The Runner must never enter the arena or booth, or interrupt the Judge or Scribe while a test or jumping round is in process.  

Gate Keeper

The dressage arena gatekeeper is the person who removes the section of arena at 'A' so the rider can enter the dressage arena. They then replace that section as the horse is going down the centerline to begin their test. Upon completion of the test and final salute, the Gatekeeper removes the section so the competitor can exit the dressage arena. This position requires a person to be able to sit, stand, walk and lift light objects for long periods of time. The stadium gatekeepers open and close the in or out gates to allow riders to enter or exit the arena.

Ring Steward

Many shows will have show ring stewards and warm-up stewards.  They have some overlapping duties.  In general, the show ring steward is responsible for making sure the correct rider enters their necessary competition arena at their specified ride time. The warm-up ring steward will watch the warm-up area and make sure riders know the order of go, and when they are next in line. This person also will be made aware of some important USEF rules on whips and spurs and what is allowed in the warm up arena and inform the TD if a question arises. These positions require a person to stand, sit, and may require a person to communicate via radio to the Announcer and/or show office.

Bit Checker

This person's primary function is to check the bit(s) and overall condition of the rider's horse after they have completed their test. The purpose is to make sure no rider is using an illegal mouthpiece on the horse. In addition they must check that the spurs and whip are legal and that the horse does not have severe whip marks, or bloodied sides caused by excessive spurring, and that no other signs of abuse are present. Information is provided by USEF Technical Delegate on what is and isn't legal. This position requires a person to sit, stand, and be able to physically manipulate a horse's mouth, check their sides, and overall condition.  You will be provided with sterile gloves to wear when checking each horse. 


The Scorer is the person who adds up the scores directly from the test sheets using an adding machine or computer software. The total points are converted to a percentage, which determines where the rider places in the class. This position requires a person to sit, use a computer mouse, and/or calculator for long periods of time.

Horse Ambulance Driver/Attendant

This person is responsible for transporting horses to local emergency clinics in the event of an injury.  This position requires long periods of sitting in the transport vehicle.  It also requires that the person have experience trailering horses, dealing with equine emergencies, and knowledge of the best routes to the appropriate clinics.  Candidates must possess clean current dl, truck and trailer in excellent condition (if providing vehicles) and proof of insurance  


This person acts as a mounted quite for the visitors and helps with crowd control and may assist with catching loose horses. Candidates must have their own horse with a suitable temperament and must wear the appropriate safety equipment, ASTM certified helmet and protective vest. Health certificate, copy of current coggins and proof of vaccinations are required. Owners must provide their own equine transportation to and from HPNJ.

Stabling Assistant

This person works under the direction of the stable manager. Responsibilities may include filling bedding or ice orders, keeping the bulletin boards in the stabling area up to date and acting as a general runner for the stabling area.

Stabling Security

Must be 18 or older with stable management experience, overnight shifts may be required.    Must meet HPNJ requirements for operating a vehicle on the property and pre-approval by stabling manager is required. 

Visitor Information Liaison

This person is responsible for assisting providing directions and information to visitors.


Driving Cones Scribe

This person is responsible for recording times and penalties at the judge’s direction, on the official score sheet and getting the judge to sign the sheet at the completion of the class. 

Driving Cones Timer

This person operates the electronic timer or stopwatch and records the times on a backup sheet to be turned in at the end of each class.

Driving Cones Setter

This job entails resetting cones to the correct distance and position, and resetting balls between competitors.

Driving Wheel Measurer

This person is responsible for measuring the track width of each carriage in order to calculate the competitor’s total measurement.

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